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Frequently Asked Questions

The world of firearms repair and customizing can seem overwhelming. Trying to determine what is wrong with the gun, or if the specific service you want is available can be frustrating. The best approach is to ask questions of your gunsmith. Some of the most popular questions we get are listed below. If you have further questions, please contact us, we'd love to help. 


"Wes assembled and customized an AR15 for me. He was very professional, and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Finally, since this was my first rifle purchase, he arranged to meet me at the range, and walked me thru all of the components, safety features, and proper handling. I would use Wes again, and I would recommend his services."

Jeff B. 

"I asked Wes to do a "trigger job" on a hammerless revolver. This was after numerous other gunsmiths would not tackle the job. He did i an exceptional job, taking the the trigger from a 12 lb pull to about 8 1/2 pound, smooth as butter, pull. I am impressed and will not hesitate to take any future work I need to him."

K.L. Burkholder

"Wesley did a great job installing new sights and the new spring kit on my CZ P01 for a reasonable price. Transparent communication and quick turnaround. Really satisfied with his work."

Sergey L. 

"We recently recovered a gun that had been stolen from us a year prior. Immediately we noticed how bad of condition it was In. Not only the wear and tear from whoever stole it but the amount dirt and grit that was caked on it from the forensic department made it almost impossible to slide the action back. I didn’t have high hopes for it to be honest. However we sent it off to Wes at Ballistic Dynamics and in a few days we had it back. Damn near looked brand new. All the actions were smooth and clean. I was extremely impressed and happy with the way it turned out. Been to the range a couple times so far and not one problem."

Matt M. 

Why doesn’t my AR-15 feed, fire, extract, eject, etc., correctly?

The AR platform has some significant design characteristics that must be within specification for the rifle to run reliably. Fortunately, we specialize in troubleshooting the AR platform. We can diagnose the issue for you, then discuss the options for getting your rifle back in service.

Do you mill slides for an optics cut, thread barrels, or pin and weld muzzle devices?

While we do not perform machine work in-house, we do partner with some of the best machinists in the area to get you that custom touch you are after. Give us a call and we can take care of you.


Do you restore old firearms?

Restoration consists of bringing a firearm back to factory new condition. This includes refinishing the wood and the metal (typically reblueing). Restoration can actually reduce the value of a classic firearm. Refurbishment is a different process that maintains the original character of the firearm, but brightens and cleans up the overall appearance. While we do not do Restorations, we partner with some fantastic shops that specialize in refurbishment.


Do you work on older firearms?

This has a lot to do with the specific firearm. We typically do not offer services on older shotguns or rifles but do consider older pistols and revolvers. Again, this would be a case-by-case scenario, so please reach out and let’s have a discussion about your specific needs.


Do you work on AK-47’s?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped with the proper tooling and equipment to properly service and repair the AK platform. We can direct you to some other gunsmiths in the area that can help you out.

Do you accept firearms transfers?

No, we do not do transfers, sorry. Please do not send your firearm purchases to us, it will be returned to the sending FFL if you do.


Do you do appraisals? 

Yes! We offer appraisals with a written evaluation of your firearm, including retail and private party estimates. 

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